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We, as Littleton’s 7-12 school community, are dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence, the development of mutual and self-respect, and the preparation for our roles in a global society.
We are but one part of the community’s educational resources and, thus, share with parents and the community at large the responsibility for educating the youth of Littleton.

News & Announcements

2023 MS YRBS Survey

This survey is about health behavior. It has been developed so you can tell us what you do that may affect your health. The information you give will be used to improve health education for young people like yourself.

Completing the survey is voluntary and will not affect your grade in this class. There are no right or wrong answers, however, please read the questions carefully and answer honestly. Do not pick a response just because you think that’s what someone wants you to say. If you are not comfortable answering a
question, you may leave the question blank.

We will maintain strict procedures to protect your privacy. Please DO NOT include your name anywhere in your survey responses. The questions that ask about you and your background will be used only to describe the types of students completing this survey. The answers you give will be kept private
and the results of this survey will never be reported by name or class.

Water Testing Results

We are writing to let you know that Littleton High School/Daisy Bronson Middle School recently completed testing for lead in drinking water. This is part of an ongoing effort related to New Hampshire’s House Bill 1421, which requires school and childcare facilities to test for lead in drinking water and to act when lead is found at levels at or above 5 parts per billion (ppb).
Request for Proposal

Request For Proposal (RFP)

The Littleton School District is looking to receive proposals for mowing services at the Mildred C Lakeway Elementary School and for a District Wide Food Service Program.